GRO Shampoo


New Herbal Shampoo Formulation Combines One Of The Most Potent Herbs Known To Promote Hair Growth With A Nurturing Cleaning Cleansing Agent



Here’s Why You Will Love Our Herbal Shampoo…


Our herbal shampoo contains powerful herbs that instantly makes your hair clean, soft, shiny and easier to detangle and also help grow healthy hair. This herbal shampoo will also strengthen you hair follicles, prevent hair fall and boost hair growth. GRO herbal shampoo are all 100%  natural formulations contain NO:-

  •     DEA
  •     Chemical preservatives
  •     Sodium lauryl sulfate
  •     Petroleum by-products


Here Is How GRO Herbal Hair Shampoo Works!

The powerful herbs in our all-natural shampoos will penetrate your hair and scalp and help to stimulate blood flow and continue to nourish and protect your mane long after you have rinsed the shampoo off.

You must know that the herbs and vitamins in our herbal shampoos will not interfere with your natural hair style and other hair treatments, this includes any coloring, highlighting or chemical treatments that you may performed to your hair. Our natural shampoo will naturally enhance your hair’s most desirable trait and it out-performs commercial bought shampoos.

And it is really simple to use, all you have to do is apply a coin size amount of Gro Herbal shampoo to your wet hair. Then leave it in for three minutes and then take measures to rinse the shampoo out thoroughly. That is all there is to it and in as little as three minutes the powerful herbs extracts get to work to give you longer, thicker and more manageable hair

After trying our amazing, totally organic herbal shampoo, you’ll never use another shampoo again! Normally sold at $49.99 per 100ml bottle, if you order today you’ll receive a bottle absolutely FREE!


  Think of it as a “mini hair treatment” that you use after you use Mira hair oil. We do recommend you use this amazing herbal shampoo with Mira hair oil. Combined with Mira hair oil you can grow hair at accelerated pace. Together they work synergistically and produce noticeable results In a few short weeks!





Here are what people are saying about our Herbal Shampoo:


  “The GRO shampoo is perfect. It seems to have strengthened my hair in just a few short weeks, I see less hair fall and less strands come off my hair when I brush it. My hair feels and looks thicker”

Jennifer M, Toronto , Ontario Canada

“Using the Mira hair oil and GRO shampoo I have added length to my hair in the past 2 weeks, about .0.3 inches in 2 weeks. Great when you consider I used to grow half a inch in a month in a half”

Elizabeth Couth , CO , USA


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